AU Joint visit with UN, AfDB, WB and EU in Burkina Faso and Sahel Region

AU SAFGRAD was honoured by the visit in Burkina Faso of Dr Dlamini Zuma, African Union Chairperson. Mrs Zuma  had undertaken a joint visit in the Sahel Region from 05 to 07 of November 2013 and had stayed in Ouagadougou, the Capital City of Burkina, from November 6th to 7th. She was accompanied with the United Nations (UN) Secretary General, African Development Bank (AfDB), the President of World Bank (WB) and European Union (EU) Comisionner for Development. In fact, there is a braod recognition that the multifaceted challenges facing the Sahel region require a concerted, integrated reponse that builds on the continental, regional and national efforts. 

Therefore, the objective of this joint visit is to serve as a tangible demonstration of the commitment of the International community to work with the governments of the Sahel Region to help lift the Sahel from poverty and insecurity. The African Union has been promoting development in the Sahel Region and is helping Member States implement its counterterrorism framework.  In addition, the AU Mission for Mali and Sahel (MISAHEL), various Regional Economic Communauties (for instance ECOWAS) as well as technical offices such as African Union SAFGRAD are commited to implement relevant programmes within the Region.

Several important annoucements in terms of actions and financial supports for the Sahel Region have been made during this joint meeting by the five international organisations. The key objectives of the joint visit included the following:

  1. Highlight the commitment of the United Nations, African Union, World Bank Group, African Development Bank and European Union to work together, in collaboration with other partners, to help countries and organizations in the Sahel tackle insecurity and poverty in the region,
  2. Demonstrate well coordinated international support for efforts to address the regional drivers of longstanding fragility in the Sahel in accordance with the priority areas identified by countries and organizations n the region,
  3. Draw attention to neglected but critical issues such as the link between security and development, and the importance of demographics,
  4. Promote the establishment of a coordination platform between countries and organizations in the Sahel to foster cooperation across the region and ensure national and regional ownership of the UN Integrated Strategy for the Sahel, as well as the strategies and initiatives of key partners.

During the joint visit Mrs Zuma, in company with the four other heads of delegation met with HE President of Burkina Faso, Mr. Blaise Compaoré as well as the Government of Burkina Faso leaded by the Prime Minister.