Training of Young African Professionals (Anglophone Countries) on Modern Irrigation Schemes. July2022, Cairo, Egypt

The theme for the 2022 training was “Efficient Irrigation and agricultural water management practices for resilient agricultural livelihoods in Africa”. The training targeted researchers, technical and field staff from ministries departments, and agencies as well as national agricultural research institutions (NARIS) who are actively involved in irrigation agriculture projects planning and implementation in their country. A total of 15 trainees were selected from 14 Member States. The objectives of the training were to:


  1. Build capacity of irrigation and AWM professionals in Africa in the design, implementation, and management of cost and water efficient Irrigation and AWM solutions,


  1. Provide an opportunity to network and promote the culture of peer learning among African professionals on sustainable agricultural intensification using Irrigation and AWM solutions and


  1. Update the knowledge of professionals on modern practices using cost and water savings options to bridge the capacity gaps to accelerate agricultural intensification and mitigate climate relate shocks in agriculture. The expectation was that the professionals will utilize the knowledge acquired during the training to improve their on-the-job performance in their countries. The course modules were designed to support knowledge delivery in participatory planning, infrastructure operation and maintenance (O&M), good water use about water scarcity and productivity, prevention or mitigation of environmental problems (e.g. salinity, water quality), as well as related governance issues critical to scheme operation. The course adopted a mix of methods based on adult-learning approaches to capacity development. The 12day training includes knowledge sharing by subject matter experts, group work, participatory games and tools, and field visits to relevant case studies.