AU-SAFGRAD in collaboration with Arab League (AFTAAC) and the Regional Training Sector for Water Resources and Irrigation (RTSWRI), Cairo, Egypt, organized a ten (10)day training Workshop from 30Sept – 9th October 2019 with the theme: Irrigation Develop

AU-SAFGRAD in collaboration with Arab League (AFTAAC) and the Regional Training Sector for Water Resources and Irrigation (RTSWRI), Cairo, Egypt, organized a ten (10)day training workshop from 30Sept – 9th October 2019  with the theme: Irrigation Development and Agricultural Water Management in Africa: Planning for a Sustainable Future.

A total of 17 participants from 16 Members States (MS) were trained. The concerned countries were the following: Algeria, Burkina Faso , Chad, Cameroon , Congo Brazzaville, Congo Democratic Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Gabon, Gambia, Madagascar, Mali, Rwanda, Togo and TunisiaThe fully residential training programme adopted a combination of class-room and field practical approaches. The training targeted Francophone African countries and the training instruction was delivered in French language. 

The focus of the training workshop was to: 

  1. Build capacity of early and mid-career professionals in the areas of designing and managing water and cost-efficient irrigation facilities;
  2. Update participants knowledge on management, operations and coordination of Water Users Organization (WUO);
  3. Improve performance of small irrigation schemes in Africa through participatory planning, infrastructure operation and maintenance (O&M) for effective water use in relation to water scarcity and productivity;
  4. Expose participants to non-conventional irrigation water use in the cultivation of Azolla for livestock feeding .

The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of H.E, Dr Mohamed Abd Elaty, Minister MWRI, Egypt, Mrs Sherine Imam and Mr Mohameed Sherif Korta from AFTAAC, Dr Mamadoh Anter, Head of RTSWRI and Dr Ragab Abdel Azeem, Under-Secretary, MWRI, Egypt.

At the opening ceremony, Dr Mure Agbonlahor from AU SAFGRAD gave an opening/welcome remark on behalf of the Commission. He also made a PowerPoint presentation on how AU-SAFGRAD’s activities contribute to the achievement of Africa Union Vision was made before the welcome address of the Minister. The 16 MS that participated in the training made a presentation, after the opening ceremony, on the status and challenges of irrigation development in their countries. The presentations were followed by group discussions moderated by AU-SAFGRAD and the training center. 

From the technical interaction with the training center the cultivation and use of Azolla water plant as a non-conventional water use was introduce to the training program with field visit planned for the last day before the closing ceremony.      

The closing ceremony was organized on September, 9th. The event was chaired by Dr. Mohamed Abdel Elaty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation and Amb.  Mohamed Sherif  Korta , Minister Delegate of AFTAAC, Dr. Ahmed Elmekass, AU-SAFGRAD Coordinator. Those VIPs delivered very important statements and gave to each trainee a certificate. Finally a wonderful diner with colorful african entertainment closed the ceremony that took place on the Nile River. 


Croup pic Opening

  Dr Mure Presenting AU SAFGRAD

Group Pic

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Trainees 1

Cake of the ceremony

TRainees dancing

Nile River