AU-SAFGRAD Participation in Water for Food Global Conference. 8th to 11th May 2023, Nebraska, USA

Dr. Mure Agbonlahor Production & Marketing officer, represented the African Union Commission at the Water for Food Global Conference which held from 08 to 11 May 2023 in Nebraska, USA. The theme of the Conference was “Cultivating innovation solutions for a changing world”. The conference show case best practices from different regions on practical approaches to influence policy and practices for sustainable intensification for resilient agri-food systems. The round tables addressed policy and financial solutions on facilitating agricultural transformation in the face of increased climate related shocks.

AU-SAFGRAD’ intervention was through a presentation and participation in two round Tables. The presentation was on financing irrigation for smallholder farmers across scales- fit-for-purpose irrigation. The two round table was on financing small scale irrigation solutions and Policy and Pathways for scaling small-scale irrigation. The African Union’ Framework for irrigation and Agricultural water management (IDAWM) practices was harped on the various pathways it proffers for Agwater management in Africa. Discussions on challenges of water scarcity and productivity, prevention or mitigation of environmental problems (e.g. salinity, water quality and small dams planning management), as well as related governance issues were discussed.