AU SAFGRAD took part to the Regional Forum on Cotton and food security held 14- 16th September in Lome, Togo.

The Office was represented by Dr. Mure AGBONLAHOR,Senior Production and Marketing Officer, who made a presentation on behalf of the Director of Women, Gender and Development of African Union Commission (AUC).

The forum was attended by representatives of the regional groups (ECOWAS, UEMOA), development partners and representatives of cotton producers and processing organizations. The focus of the Forum was to provide the framework for sharing information and experience on issues of cotton and food security in the continent.   

Relevance to AU_SAFGRAD The C4 countries are all located in the semi-arid zone as cotton prodution is mainly localize in this area. The C4CP project emphasis on women and food security is also in tandem with AU-SAFGRAD’s mandate of building livelihood resilience in the continent.