Consultancy Service to Develop AU-SAFGRAD’s Strategic and Operational plan

Consultancy Service to Develop AU-SAFGRAD’s Strategic and Operational plan

1. Background

The Semi-Arid Food Grain Research and Development (SAFGRAD) is one of the specialized technical offices of the Commission of the African Union under its Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture. In Maputo 2003 , The mandate of AU-SAFGRAD was to contribute to the achievement of agricultural research, technology transfer and marketing as well as the management of natural resources by facilitating and coordinating the use of the scientific talents of National agriculture Research Centers(NARCs) , International Agriculture Research Centers(IARCs)and scientific Research Organizations (SROs) to enhance food security , promote sustainable agriculture , development of irrigation agriculture both in rural and urban areas of the semi-arid zones of Africa..

Moreover, to respond to the request of the Conference of African Ministers `of Agriculture (mentioned above) , AU-SAFGRAD drafted its new strategic plan 2014-2017 and elaborated its mandate as follow “To lead, coordinate and facilitate the formulation of appropriate policies and programmes that would build resilience of rural livelihoods in semi-arid Africa through strengthening of institutional capacities aimed at advancing agricultural research, technology transfer and adoption; enhancement of value chains; management of natural resources; and mitigation and adaptation to climate change and combating desertification”.

In the light of both new emerging thematic priorities and changes occurring in the development agenda both at continental and international level, AU-SAFGRAD is planning to evaluate/assess its previous strategic plan 2014-2017 and more importantly to take stock of both successes and weaknesses to draw a new plan that will guide its actions over the next five years.

AU-SAFGRAD invites applicants to apply for two consultancy services :

– The first who will serve as a consultant and lead the team for overall coordination and harmonization of the task,;

– Who will serve as a consultant to work closely with the team leader in carrying out all the work.

2. Educational Qualifications and work Experience.

The 2 consultants must possess the following:

• At least a Master level university degree in a field related to Programme Planning or other relevant discipline

• At least 10 years relevant work experience in strategic planning and development

• Excellent and proven analytical skills

• Excellent and proven English/French writing skills

• Relevant experience in related or similar assignments

• Excellent organizational and communication skills, ability to prioritize and work with minimum supervision

• Good Understanding of the continental and international development agendas which include the Agenda 2063 of the African Union Commission and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals( SDGs) to be used as reference documents.

3. Scope of Work

The 2 consultants will be required to develop the strategic and operational plan for AU-SAFGRAD. The strategic and operational plan must address the situation of dry lands rural livelihood challenges within the context of the Continental and international development agenda.

The consultancy is expected to draw from any best practices within this area. Based on the above, the 2 consultants will prepare and complete the strategic and action plan. This will entail, among other things the following:

i. Evaluate and Assess AU-SAFAGRAD 2014-2017 Strategic Plan

The 2 consultants must first present analytical and thoroughly evaluation and assessment of the previous strategic plan. This will require consultations with both internal staff and external stakeholders that have been involved in the implementation of the planned programmes.

ii. Draft the new strategic and operational plan to ensure that the office actions and programmes are strategic and responsive to the need of member states.

The plan shall align all the office activities to agenda 2063, 2014 Malabo declaration and other relevant Heads of States and Government decisions and recommendations. The plan will be focused but not limited to the following:

• A situational analysis of dry land areas of Africa • Key Issues affecting agriculture and rural livelihoods in dry land zones

• Prioritized areas of intervention, strategic goals, programmes and activities • Current relevant policy frameworks, approaches and implementation plans

• Stakeholders’ analysis

• Cost estimation for the implementation of the Strategic Plan and recommended ways of mobilizing resources

• Log frame for the implementation of the Strategic Plan

• Time-frame for the delivery of the different milestones

iii. The consultants are expected to plan meetings at African Union Commission Level as part of the consultation and finalization process for the plan.

4- Deliverables:

A well written document addressing all the various tasks listed in the scope of the work in a logical sequence determined by the consultants. The document shall be submitted through the team leader in appropriate software and appropriate hard copy.

5- Completion Date

The activities under this TOR, with the exception of presentation at the experts’ workshop and review, shall be completed within 8 weeks starting from the date of the signatures affixed to the letter of contract (The inception report including the methodology should be submitted within 1 weeks starting from the date of the signatures affixed to the letter of contract and the draft report should be submitted after 5 weeks from the inception report).

The final report must be submitted to the coordinator of AU-SAFGRAD electronically ( within two weeks after the experts’ workshop is held.

A hard copy shall be sent to AU-SAFGRAD 01 BP 1783 Ouagadougou 01 Burkina Faso. Tel: 226 25306071, Fax: 226 25311586

6. Remuneration

The Consultant who is serving as team leader will be paid honorarium of USD Fourteen thousands (USD -14000.00) only and the second consultant will be paid honorarium of USD twelve thousand (USD12000.00) only.

The payment will be carried out in three installments as follows: 30% after submission of the inception report and approved by the Coordinator of AU-SAFGRAD, 40% after submission the draft report and Approved by the Coordinator of AU-SAFGRAD and 30% after submission of the final Report and approved by the Coordinator of AU-SAFGRAD.

AU-SAFGRAD will also pay for any mission or meeting (economy ticket and DSA) that may be need and authorized by AU- SAFGRAD.

7. Application

Qualified Consultants are invited to show interest and send their CVs at least on 18/04/2018 by getting in touch with AU SAFGRAD Office at the following address:

261, Rue de la culture. BP 1783, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


Tel: +22625306071

If delivered by courier, the envelope must be clearly marked with the title of the assignment. Only shortlisted consultants will be contacted.