Program 2.1. Jointly develop frameworks and guidelines for policy formulation, review and coherence

Strategic Objective 1 (Outcome 1): To strengthen the policy and institutional environment for enhanced resilience of rural livelihoods in semi-arid zones of Africa
Output 2: Partnerships with policy-orientated institutions involved in combating land degradation, desertification and climate change forged.

Program content

  • make an inventory of existing policies to establish their appropriateness for addressing issues of resilience;
  • Review relevant frameworks and guidelines (e.g., CAADP Guidelines) with the view to mainstreaming resilience building into NAIPs and RAIPs.
  • Develop an overarching framework for resilience building to inform the formulation of rural development policies;
  • Using the guidelines/frameworks, support the CAADP mutual accountability process by assisting AU member states and RECs to participate in the Joint Sector Reviews (JSR) and Biennial Review processes and report on outcomes of resilience-building actions implemented in semi-arid zones of Africa;
  • Prepare Working/Issues Papers on resilience building for promoting debate and understanding and thereby facilitate policy coherence.