Capacity Building

Enhancing Africa’s Capacity for Sustainable Agricultural Research for Development in Semi-Arid Areas

The purpose of this capacity enhancement initiative is to develop and reinforce the capabilities of African institutions and their human resources in priority areas as will be defined through a thorough situation analysis and consultative processes. It is intended to accomplish the enhancement of the capacity of institutional and human factors to solve the immediate and pressing developmental problems but also and most importantly aspire for higher level goals. Hence its goal

is to enhance African capacity to be driven by a virtuous cycle of knowledge generation, accumulation, utilisation and sharing for the betterment of its people working and living in the semi-arid areas and beyond. By successfully implementing this programme AU/SAFGRAD aspires to:


  • identify, prioritise, investigate and resolve on a continuous basis the crucial agricultural/rural developmental problems faced by Africans living in semi-arid regions of the continent;
  • develop a number of relevant and quality training curricula that churn tens of thousands of African cadre of researchers, trainers, and development practitioners – fruitfully integrated into becoming change agents;
  • ensure that these cadre of change agents, by working together in a multitude of teams, come up with numerous researchable developmental problems and subsequently act upon them in a manner that solve real problems;
  • see continuous and unhampered flows and exchange of ideas, expertise, experiences and good practices among fellow Africans, and these put into mutually beneficial purposes, hence contributing towards integration of Africans; and ultimately
  • see knowledge fundamentally transforming Africa ‘s agriculture and rural development.