Program 2.2. Strengthening partnerships to connect policy makers with policy researchers

Strategic Objective 1 (Outcome 1): To strengthen the policy and institutional environment for enhanced resilience of rural livelihoods in semi-arid zones of Africa
Output 2: Partnerships with policy-orientated institutions involved in combating land degradation, desertification and climate change forged.

Program content

  • Engagement of policy researchers from policy-focused institutions with national, regional (e.g., RECs) and continental (e.g., AU) decision-makers through, for instance, coorganization of policy side events tagged with larger conferences (e.g., FARA – Science Week, AGRA events, AU – STC meetings/AU Environment Day, and UNCCD conferences).
  • Participation of policy researchers in major meetings such as CAADP Partnership Platform and AU Dryland Week.