Program 3.1. Facilitate inclusive multi-stakeholder engagement with national and regional policy formulation and revision processes

Strategic Objective 1 (Outcome 1): To strengthen the policy and institutional environment for enhanced resilience of rural livelihoods in semi-arid zones of Africa
Output 3: Engagement of Non-State Actors (NSAs) in the implementation of relevant continental strategies and declarations supported.

Program content

  • Support governments, including country CAADP Teams, to facilitate involvement of private sector, farmers’ organizations, women associations, youth groups/networks, NGOs etc in policy formulation and policy reform processes.
  • Organize multi-stakeholder policy dialogues to bring together government and non-state actors to discuss the role of each stakeholder in the policy formulation and implementation process.
  • Facilitate preparatory meetings for representatives of CSOs (including farmers’/producers’ organizations) and NGOs so that they participate in fora where international negotiations and/or agreements on the governance of land degradation, desertification and climate change are organized.