Program 5.3. Enhance the capacity of African young researchers/relevant stakeholders on the challenges of land degradation, desertification, and climate change adaptation.

Strategic Objective 2 (Outcome 2): To strengthen research-related capacity for agricultural productivity and climate change adaptation for enhanced resilience of rural livelihoods in Semi-Arid Zones of Africa
Output 5: Agricultural research and transfer of technologies and innovations that enhance the resilience of smallholder livelihoods facilitated.

Program content

  • Building the research capability of young researchers.
  • Enable young researchers acquire knowledge and skills necessary for planning, conducting, and publishing and evaluating quality research.
  • Supporting/facilitating skills acquisition by young researchers through, for instance, exploring opportunities in national, regional and international research institutions for short-term training, internship and other vehicles of skills acquisition;
  • Advocating for, and providing support to, young researchers’ participation in resilience-building technical meetings, including workshops, seminars and conferences to develop their skills and gain experience;
  • Organizing regular AU – SAFGRAD SOP 2019-2023 51 meetings of young researchers to discuss and exchange information on research and development issues in semi-arid zones of Africa and