Program 6.3. Strengthen research- and training-related capacity for Land Degradation at the Conference of Parties (CoP) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

Strategic Objective 2 (Outcome 2): To strengthen research-related capacity for agricultural productivity and climate change adaptation for enhanced resilience of rural livelihoods in Semi-Arid Zones of Africa
Output 6: Operationalization of a platform of climate change and desertification and strengthening implementation of the UNCCD process in Africa facilitated.

Program content

  • Facilitating continental, training, planning and preparatory workshops on the UNCCD and UNFCCC negotiation process where pertinent representatives to the themes of climate change and desertification from African countries would participate;
  • Mobilizing and enhancing the capacity of Governments and regional organization’s to contribute to coherent policies and Programs for developing green economies; and
  • Developing communication tools to raise awareness on the impacts of climate change and the need for a green economy.
  • Enhance the scientific skills of Member States to develop position papers on resilience-building in preparation for CoP and other UNCCD and UNFCCC meetings;
  • Facilitate continental/regional meetings where climate change experts of AU Member States will discuss a number of issues of mutual interest.