Training of Early and Mid-Careers Irrigation and Agricultural Water Management Professionals on The Use of Small Efficient Irrigation Systems for Climate Change Adaptation in Africa, 15-25 April 2024 Bizerte, Tunisia.

African Union-SAFGRAD organized an 11day training for early and mid-careers irrigation and agricultural water management professionals from 10 francophone countries in Africa. The annual training aims at providing capacity building supports to Member States. The Theme of the 2024 training was “Use of efficient small irrigation systems for Climate Change adaptation in Africa”. The training was organized with the support of the League of Arab States Fund for technical assistance to African countries (AFTAAC) and the government of Tunisia’ Tunisian Technical Cooperation Agency (TTCA). The training was designed to bridge the capacity gaps in the design and management of small irrigation projects and other agricultural water management solutions in transforming African agriculture. The beneficiaries were from Algeria, Benin, Cote ‘d Ivoire, Madagascar, Mauritania, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, Chad and Tunisia. The 11day training was delivered adopting a mixed mode of seminar presentations and field visits to different irrigation model farms in Tunisia. The training took place at the Professional agricultural training center in the forestry sector, Remel, Bizerte.  The certification and closing ceremony took place at sidi Bou Said, Tunisia on 25 April and was attended by representatives of the diplomatic missions of beneficiaries’ countries in Tunis, representatives of AU-SAFGRAD, AFTAAC and TTCA and officials of Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulic Resources and Maritime Fisheries, Tunisia.