Validation Workshop of the Report on Scope, Opportunities and Challenges of Irrigation and Agricultural Water Management Practices in Africa. 7th -8th December 2022, Nairobi, Kenya

The 2 days workshop was both a review and a write-shop as nominated MS Directors of Irrigation or their representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture/water and irrigation updated the report with information on the content and structure of the report. The 2-day meeting afforded the experts the opportunity to review and correct the report. The workshop also had 4 independent irrigation experts that reviewed the general frame, cross-cutting development issues, and contents of the report. A total of 6 MS represented by 2 Experts each were physically present at the workshop (Cameroun, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe). The workshop received input virtually from 2 MS (Morocco and Rwanda) and an expert that wasn’t able to make a physical presence. The meeting was structured into plenary presentations while most of the discussions and group reviews were done at the country parallel level. Among other things, the workshop outcomes include 1. detailed comments and suggestions needed to improve the report received from the MS experts and independent reviewers 2. Update of country statistics and opportunities for specific pathways of the AWM types 3. Individual MS corrections file of the report.